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Sponsored Spaces enables you to run targeted at-home product trials, ask the right questions, analyze consumers’ feedback, get complete market intelligence, and incorporate actionable insights in every aspect of your business from product development to positioning or messaging. We help multifamily operators offer free perks to their tenants, reduce vacancy, and ease their equity raise. 

Find the perfect audience

Create brand advocates before you launch by identifying shoppers who will love your product, and spur them to create content to help you launch with brand advocacy on day one. Most shoppers prefer user generate content. Our 10M+ multifamily renters can help you drive the content your future buyers want to see.

Win at SEO

Get discovered via search

Rank higher than your competition on the search engine. When your fans generate reviews, product pictures and videos of your product your brand ranks higher in search results. 

Reviews impact their purchasing decisions.

Reviews matter. It’s a fact. The majority of shoppers make purchase decisions based on the reviews of other shoppers. Getting samples in the hands of shoppers so they can generate reviews leads to more sales. 

Customer feedback that fuels product innovation

Your customers know your product best. So let them tell you how to make it better. Open the door for customer feedback, and next thing you know, sales will soar. With all these customer insights at your fingertips, you’ll never have to guess what they want next.