Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, Sponsored Spaces can support your sampling and advertising campaign goals — from creating brand awareness to boosting sales and collecting insights.

Retailer Managed Sampling (RMS) is our way for retailers to build their own user communities of brand advocates. Reward advocates with samples. In turn, you get content that is native and exclusive to your site. We take the hassle out of sampling so retailers can focus on reaping the benefits. You’ll keep the UGC flowing, brand partners engaged, and watch conversion skyrocket. What’s not to love?

Passive browsers become confident shoppers. Product pages pique more interest. Conversion ramps up. Your revenue soars. Our solutions galvanize the entire shopper experience, allowing you to supercharge product performance.

Distribute compelling UGC to the world’s leading retailers. Jump-start product launches with authentic reviews on day 1. Use the voice of your customers to pull in more traffic. And win new customers by expanding into new markets across the globe.

Sponsored Spaces works with leading retailers to elevate sampling from a legacy, offline tactic to one that’s fully integrated into the digital shopper marketing mix. Retailers are integrating Sampler’s digital sampling platform into their media, e-commerce and loyalty channels to:

The difference between launch success and failure? User-generated content. Hit the ground running with product pages already full of customer photos, ratings, and reviews. Help your customers uncover all the intel they need to click that buy button with conviction. Use direct pre-launch feedback to your advantage by testing how your product will be perceived by everyday shoppers. Emphasize the features customers crave most to launch with confidence.

Easily collect user-generated content from our product sampling communities that increase conversion rates and basket size

You’re launching a new product. You think your product messaging highlights the most important customer needs and wants. But does it? Know with confidence that your messaging will resonate. Use the feedback you get from sampling to test your product messaging and materials before launch. Learn from custom-tailored virtual focus groups so you can deliver the strongest launch campaign. Get valuable insights on brand awareness, purchase intent, and more where you can get the answers that drive success.

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Information is power. And when customers understand more, they buy more. It’s really that simple. With ratings and reviews, you can equip shoppers with the info they need to make a fast and confident purchase.

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UGC yields results beyond the product page. Leading brands use it in their advertising, for in-store displays, and on product packaging. Simply by taking your existing marketing programs and adding a sprinkle of user-generated content, you are able to deliver a more compelling, personalized message. Use it to build trust and grow revenue.

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